About Us

Fleek Factory has not been in business for 150 years, but trust us, we know what we’re doing.

Formerly known as Auto Art Xtreme, Fleek Factory’s new ownership is ready to get your SIGNS on FLEEK. With a background in all things art, we take everything to the next level and make sure quality is always top notch.

We may be new to the biz, but with our youth comes fresh thinking, new ideas and modern technology to make your signs pop and your business stand out to audiences of all ages.

Our Team

Justin Fortier

Owner and all around boss man

Justin has seen more movies this year then you will your entire life. In fact, we’re pretty sure he has a reserved seat at each theatre in Kelowna and if you’re someone who complains about the price of popcorn don’t do it in front of him. His most prized possession is his Dead Pool fridge and he’d be more than happy to hook you up with one.

Koltyn Gaboury

Lead Graphic Designer and beard boss

This year, Koltyn went home a winner at IndieFest in Kelowna. Although he’s known for his love of fancy cinematic work, he enjoys the odd cat video if they’re artfully shot, or just freaking cute. If you haven’t noticed, his beard is on FLEEK. P.S. Go easy on him because we’re pretty sure he will never find his name on a keychain.

James Eubanks

Manager, Installer, Designer and cool office dad

James has been working in the sign business longer than anyone else at Fleek Factory has been alive (26 years!). They don’t bug him about that, though, because he is way bigger than they are, or so he says. He started out doing installs for Fleek Factory but decided to work with them fulltime because they are hella awesome. When he’s not sticking a sign to something, James can be found going to concerts with his wife and driving around his very busy 11-year-old daughter.

Hayley Hutchison

Junior Graphic Designer and rose among all the thorns

Hayley is an artist and her unique style and attitude is exactly what she brings to the table. Well, she has to wear heals to even reach the table at work, but she’s actually pretty pumped about being a whole 5’1” now (yay). She may be the only woman at Fleek Factory, but she fits right in. Besides keeping up with other types of art at home, Hayley is also really into soccer, camping, rock climbing and video games.

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